For The Best Beef Ever, The Secret’s In The Grass

Discount First Alert DW-702 Two – I recently rode along with farmer John de Bruin for the day. It was a market day.

We left the house shortly after 4 a.m. in the cab of a freezer truck, boxes loaded beneath the truck and at our feet: one full of precious fresh eggs and one full of grass-fed beef related literature.

John is riveting. He is lively and inspiring. From the moment I arrived, bleary eyed and chilly, asking how I could help, he was in go mode. We conversed the entire way to market, speaking over the freezer truck’s roaring diesel engine.

The beef John sells is raised entirely on grass, rather than corn and other grains as commercial feedlot-raised beef. Cows body’s are adapted for vegetable sustenance, not grain. Grass-fed cows produce a leaner steak and a more flavorful burger. John says that he and his wife Nadine consider themselves grass farmers, since the most crucial ingredient to high quality beef is a high quality pasture. The cows must have a variety of grasses.

He says, “Like honey, the taste of beef will vary with the particular grasses the animals eat. Our irrigated pastures are filled with grasses that produce great tasting beef.”

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Super Bowl – Planning the Day

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Is there anything better than attending a Super Bowl party? Just show up, eat, drink and be merry. Like any great holiday, all it requires is your attendance. Not recognized as a real “Holiday” but certainly the best fake Holiday in the history of man. It’s not just the game. There’s the commercials, halftime celebrations (thanks Janet), and the delicious combos of food and drink. So, if you’re invited, don’t hesitate, grab your buddies, the designated driver, head to the destination and begin the festivities.

Now, if you are on the other side – planning the party – you’ve accepted a challenging new level of responsibility. Primary concerns – how much food and booze? Secondary issues are tables, chairs, napkins, silverware, serving dishes, waste and TV’s. First order of planning is organization and with that comes a list. Start the checklist and begin with the items that require the most time. In my experience, it’s the chairs, tables, serving trays, food and beer that need a few extra days. Hahaha, I know it sounds like “everything” but food is on the list because of the huge appeal of the game – your source of supply may need time for preparation and coordinating their resources. We’ll tackle that later – for now, let’s focus on the everything else except food and beer.

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The Components of Bottled Alkaline Water

Discount Nojoqui Falls Double by – Bottled water is an ingenious invention. Traveling has come up with another necessity that had not been thought of before. There is yet another trend that has risen in popularity and debate. Bottled alkaline water has been around and has touched the curiosity of scientists and consumers alike. Normal water has been placed on the pH scale of 7. This is neutral water. Alkaline water reaches its ionized state and will lead to a pH of 8.

Health benefits and claims state that this type of water produces a chemical balance that is supposedly achieved through a healthy lifestyle. This water is not so cheap and states that it will boost the minerals in the body. Hydrating the body with alkaline water helps the body slow in aging. It is said to increase hydration and maintain normal blood flow. Bottled alkaline water contains minerals as well. Consequently water is good for everyone. There is only a lack of awareness as to the main reason why we need to drink water.

It has a pH range of 8 or 9 at best. This low acidic liquid is commended by some health advocates. According to the International Bottled Water Association the classifications are spring water, Purified Water, Mineral Water, Sparkling Bottled Water, Artesian Water/Artesian Well Water, and Well Water. Tap water is the popular choice for drinking. The pH balance of water is one component that has never happened to be given a thought until today

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The Rise Of American Sweets

Cheap Kutrimmer 1058 Paper Cutter – Over the past 5 years, items from the USA have risen in popularity and demand! Items such as Lucky Charms, a commonly known breakfast cereal with small marshmallow treats have seen stockists trying to source all the goodies that America has to offer.

We all know the feeling of going to abroad, experiencing all the new surroundings, cultures and foods that they have to offer. Returning from your holiday, you start scouting the internet trying to desperately find those treats that you had on holiday only to find that they are nowhere to be seen in the UK! When returning and realising this, you wonder why you never filled your suitcase right to the top!

This is one of the main reasons that candy, chocolate, sauces, etc are so highly talked about over here…..we just can’t get them! But, with new and exciting sweet shops continuing to grow and expand, our favourites from across the pond can now be found an enjoyed from the comfort of your own home!

I have a major thing for American Sweets and enjoy many treats that they manufacturer that sadly, just weren’t available 5-10 years ago in the UK. Looking in supermarkets for these American Sweets was never going to be successful so i had to find another way to try to meet my addiction to candy and chocolate from America.

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